Pensiunea Marina’s story in tourism began in 2004. The guesthouse is located in an enchanting natural setting, at a 10-minute walk from downtown Sinaia. Currently, the pension has 9 double rooms (matrimonial or twin), 2 triple rooms and a suite, a fully equipped kitchen, seating area, enclosed parking and other facilities.

Short History

Opened in 2004, Pensiunea Marina started from the passion of Mrs Marina Potcoava for everything that entails working with people. The guesthouse was built to be in harmony with the space it occupied and, at the same time, offer privacy for its guests. It has grown every year due to the staff’s dedication and the interest given by tourists.

If for most guests, Pensiunea Marina has become a home away from home, for the guesthouse’s staff, they are the family who returns year after year to share memories and stories.

Our Mission

For those who have visited us and continue to do so, our ideal was and is to create a pleasant family atmosphere. From the first contact with our customers, we have built a relationship based on friendship and mutual understanding. Therefore, Guesthouse Marina has become your home away from home.

Our Vision

We offer an intimate, relaxing and perfect spot for those who want quiet moments in a friendly place filled with spiritual warmth. We are proud to bestow this feeling to our customers and we will never cease to bring improvements to our guesthouse.

Our Values


Respect is one of the core values that creates lasting bonds. For this reason, we place high value on respect – respect for the client and his needs, and their respect for our home and our work.


We have always put our trust in real and active bonds. Every customer of ours is greeted with honesty, understanding and openness – the attributes of a sustainable relationship. Over time, many of our guests became our friends. We were fortunate to see their children grow before our eyes and we were thrilled for their achievements, from their entry to kindergarten, until enrolling into college.


A professional relationship is based on attention to detail, polite behaviour and thoughtfulness towards the client’s needs. To this end, since the beginning of our journey, we have started with a responsible attitude built on the need for mutual understanding.

House Rules

Smoking Is Allowed Only in Specially Designated Areas

Besides respecting the law, we want all our guests to feel comfortable, whether they are smokers or nonsmokers. For this reason, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the guesthouse. We have arranged outdoor spaces for those who want to smoke, and at the same time to admire the view.

Maintaining a Peaceful & Quiet Environment

Because we want to create a relaxing environment, we ask all of our guests to keep the peace and quiet. We do not accept music at high volumes or parties. If you want to organize a party, this is allowed only by renting the entire guesthouse.

Pets Are Not Allowed

Although, we are animal lovers, we are responsible for the safety of all of our guests. Among our guests we count children too, from the youngest age, and no matter how good and gentle your pet is, we all know that both children and animals can be unpredictable.

Our Facilities Are Reserved for Our Guests

All our facilities are strictly reserved for our own guests.

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